We optimise your risk management and make sustainability worthwhile
In recent years vonKampenConsult has repeatedly entered new territory and created innovations that set standards. The proximity to research characterises the style and content of our engineering office. This allows the potential for innovations to be utilised in the best possible way.
Dipl.-Ing. agr. Detlef von Kampen – founder and managing owner

Dipl.-Ing. agr. Detlef von Kampen founded vonKampenConsult in 2005 and gave his office a clear focus, which linked in with his own career: following education in agriculture, he attended business school. After graduating as a state-certified businessman, von Kampen studied agribusiness at Kiel University of Applied Sciences Fachhochschule Kiel, the University of Wales and the University of Kassel. Early professional positions in quality assurance and sustainability included the sugar industry and an agricultural organisation in South-East Asia. The work for a two-year research project into sustainable raw materials production with the Chamber of Agriculture in Schleswig-Holstein laid the cornerstone for today’s work in the field of sustainability. The concept of thinking outside the box, refined with a Götting-based communication agency and a film production studio, characterises today’s methodology and consulting style.

In the agricultural sector, Detlef von Kampen took responsibility for coordinating the development of ISO 9001, GMP+ International and QA. Here, the quality manager was able to link his expert knowledge with operational expertise and skills in product development and marketing/sales, which he had gained when he worked for the brand “Beckers Bester” and as a project manager for the communication agency. Following numerous qualifications in the field of quality assurance and sustainability, including as a certified EOQ auditor, he has been auditing and advising producing and handling industrial businesses, logistics providers and trading companies for years. As an auditor, Detlef von Kampen works on behalf of international certifiers such as SGS Germany.

Research-related work
Proximity to research characterises the working style and focus of our engineering office. This is the best way to exploit potential for innovation. Since 2011, scientific partnerships have been determining key parts of our project work. For example, together with the Institute of Wastewater Management and Water Protection at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), vonKampenConsult has been searching for solutions to sustainable farming of arable areas for food production. Software solutions from ours business partner, which are always tested for practicality at the test station, and our own scientific qualification, complemented with cooperation partners from research, all benefit our customers. We always keep our aim in sight: making sustainability measurable and generating key sustainability indicators for business and science.

Innovative solutions
In terms of operationalising measurable sustainability criteria, over the years vonKampenConsult has continued to break new ground and generate innovations that set standards. Since 2006, we have been designing software solutions, which are implemented by IT experts and application developers. These applications optimise companies’ quality and risk management, or can be used for real-time recording or as early warning systems as part of corporate responsibility concepts.