Seamless monitoring of your processes using specialised monitoring systems

We carry out monitoring with a comprehensive procedural approach. Take raw material procurement to produce agricultural and food products: in this case monitoring covers all processes where you observe and record the cultivation conditions as well as storage, product treatment and transport over an extended period of time, taking into account the region of origin. The data obtained in this way are incorporated into the risk management and the supplier assessment.

Food production: permanent monitoring for reliable consumer protection
For agricultural and food products, the entire spectrum from the time before the seeds are sown all the way through to the sowing itself, to harvesting, transport, storage, treatment and production must be considered. Monitoring and assessing the status of agricultural and food products are indispensable measures towards ensuring consumer safety. By permanently monitoring the manufacturing chain, undesired product contamination can be prevented. vonKampenConsult works with a monitoring system specially developed for the agricultural and food sector in order to achieve this reliably and seamlessly.

What makes our monitoring systems unique?
Your uncompromising focus on the agricultural and food sector! And your intelligent connections! Our monitoring can be actively linked to the risk management and laboratory information management system (LIMS). You can carry out sampling yourself or have it taken care of by one of our partner labs.