QM manuals

Your central documents: always at hand, always up to date. Wherever you are.

vonKampenConsult relies on state-of-the-art technology and multimedia solutions to significantly improve operational management systems. Even the smallest companies can benefit from technical innovations. For this reason  vonKampenConsult is pursuing a new approach to quality assurance, risk management and sustainability. Manuals, risk analysis, sample, cleaning, or maintenance plans and checklists or work instructions are stored centrally in a German computer centre. You can access the data securely and conveniently using cloud computing on the web directly and work on our server.

The management systems for quality assurance, risk management and sustainability are teamwork
Only your employees can breathe life into a management system. That’s why vonKampenConsult deliberately promotes the concept of employees taking responsibility for their customers instead of their dependence on us. And we rely on our network of qualified experts in order to always offer the best and most efficient solutions. This gives vonKampenConsult itself a lean corporate structure. This flexibility also helps us to continually forge new paths and give the industry valuable sources of inspiration through innovation.

Audiovisual employee communication
Modern management often requires complex technical processes. The extent to which it is possible to accurately and precisely present hard to explain facts can be a decisive factor for success. However, fear of contact or insufficient acceptance among employees must be eliminated. Moving images make complex processes clear. In combination with our software solution, this results in important synergy effects. Video sequences, presentations and pictures can easily be linked to the written documents or added as hyperlinks. A mouse click can pull up the multimedia modules in context.