Risk management

Reduce risks from the very start
In times of globalisation, there’s nothing unusual about buying products from around the world or setting up foreign locations. Now, attention is paid to the potential risks that will arise as a result. The transfer of risk to the purchasing department or insurance company also plays an important role. A comprehensive identification procedure, analysis and assessment of existing risks (and opportunities) as well as risk management based on them are all a prerequisite for sustainable business success. The ISO 9001 and 14001 standards or the industry standard GMP+International take this into account and call for structured risk and opportunity analyses. Industry standards such as GMP+International provide risk factors for different countries of origin for example.

Risk database
vonKampenConsult has a detailed, central risk database. This is continually developed and expanded for our customers by qualified and external experts as well as carefully selected specialists from the quality assurance, labour safety and environmental protection industries. You automatically receive innovations in the standard for example with the GMP+International, ISO 9001:2015 or in the legislation from the risk database or with the GreeBox.