Quality assurance

Your QMS: practical, reliable, up to date

Almost every company that has to document compliance with relevant quality targets or have the necessary certificate as proof has a quality management system (QMS) in place – whether in paper or software-supported form. But how
well does the respective system do its “job”? Is it logically structured? Is every authorised and responsible employee able to view and access it? Does the QMS hold up to the challenges in practice? Or is the quality management “too theoretical” and perhaps not embraced by the employees?

Consulting for your quality management
These questions and others are the guidelines in the analysis and optimisation stages, but also when developing new quality management systems. We want to identify and eliminate problems in the early stages. Risk management and monitoring always form the base of this approach. The goal is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, strong customer loyalty and a constant improvement of quality indices for your company.

Communication and networking
Our consulting service focuses on employees communicating and networking with us as consultants in direct dialogue at all levels. Goods, services and processes must be carefully and comprehensibly “processed” according to the requirements. In order to meet the quality requirements, the QM managers need to have a precise overview of the respective quality level, the requirements of the suppliers, updates to the norms and standards as well as the legislation at all times. This all forms the basis for structured quality assurance. We network you with experts and expert knowledge using various forms of media. We are always happy to be at your side as a partner and also to find the right certifier for you.